🎰 Viva Las Vegas! 🎲


Whether you view it as a glitzy parade with more show than go, or the most exciting new circuit for years, there is no doubt that Las Vegas will be hitting global headlines for Liberty this weekend. The Superbowl style opening ceremony is set to be memorable, whilst night temperatures in single digits and timings that are less than friendly in Europe and the UK will cause challenges for the team’s mission control rooms back at base. 

When the GP event was formally launched last year, Lewis Hamilton drove his W13 on a demo run. We have a genuine Las Vegas casino chip hand signed by Lewis after that event on offer as well as a pair of his race boots and gloves from his first season with Mercedes.

Max Verstappen will be looking to smash his own records by winning the last two races of the season. We have in stock a presentation Bahrain event plaque hand signed by the 3 times World Champion. Meanwhile for the Lando Norris fan we have a superb 3d replica of his McLaren steering wheel framed and mounted ready for desk or wall display. 

Our sale event now includes two Amalgam Autosport Awards 1/18 scale sculptures, one of the Brabham BT52 hand signed by Nelson Piquet and the other Ferrari 640 hand signed by Nigel Mansell, both complete with presentation cases and COAs. 

In the spirit of Vegas where bigger is better, they don’t come much bigger than the official model at 1/5 scale of Michael Schumacher’s championship winning Ferrari F2003GA by Bell Racing. This very special full tobacco version was exclusively commissioned by Ferrari and comes from the Sir Christopher Gent collection. 

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