After a thrilling Turkish Grand Prix, the teams have had a week to re-group whilst the freight heads for Texas.

The first F1 race at CoTA was held in 2012 and won by Lewis Hamilton. It was a special race for Colin from MM who was in Texas: “my Marussia friends called me to say there was a spare Paddock pass available. I remember getting up at 4am to drive to Austin from Houston and meeting Eddie Jordan for breakfast at the hotel, then jumping into the Marussia team bus. The awesome view of turn one rising up from paddock level has to be seen in person. There was a carnival atmosphere at this great track and I was lucky enough to be under the podium after the race stood next to Niki Lauda!”

The PR ‘host’ at CoTA was the great Mario Andretti. This week we showcase a fantastic item from his 1978 F1 World Championship, a wonderful framed plaque produced by Goodyear with a promo photo in the original box from 39 years ago! 

We also have a wonderful Bell replica Helmet from Mario’s 1994 ‘Arrivederci’ season, hand-signed by him.

Nigel Mansell moved from F1 to Indy in 1993 as F1 Champion to partner Andretti. We offer an original Cosworth cam cover from the XB engine which makes for a great display piece.

We have a similar piece from American racing legend Dale Earnhardt’s SB2 engine that will grace any serious collection. 

Meantime we offer a promo Williams race suit from the Turkish GP winner, Valtteri Bottas as well as a presentation pair of replica Lewis Hamilton gloves framed and ready to hang.

From one of the luckiest and bravest drivers of the modern era of F1 now competing successfully in the USA we offer 2 very different Romain Grosjean Race Suits.

Enjoy the CoTA race.




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