🏁 Return of the Champions 🏁


This week, we are delighted to showcase some new World Champion items that have newly arrived into stock 

Lewis Hamilton won his most recent GP at the Saudi Arabian GP in 2021. The helmet we offer is a stunningly detailed 1:1 scale replica of the LBGTQ+ rainbow design he adopted for the race, complete with purple lining, clear aero parts and red visor pivots. From his earlier period at McLaren, we also offer an original Sparco glove bag hand signed in gold sharpie by Lewis for one of his mechanics. 

Coincidentally we also have available a replica of the 2010 helmet used by Michael Schumacher in his 2010 comeback season with Mercedes. This helmet has captive HANS straps, clear aero spoiler and a replica FIA homologation to the rear.Β 

Fernando Alonso had had his first official β€˜day at the office’ with Aston Martin, but from his time with Renault we offer the boots worn by Fernando for the 2008 Paris launch of the R28 as well as a hand signed Ferrari VIP brochure from his time with the Scuderia.Β 

Sebastian Vettel will be missed this year but we have a selection of original parts from his championship winning Red Bulls incoming a carbon mounted mirror housing, carbon OZ wheel trim fairing and a matched pair of inconel titanium exhaust exits.Β 

Please keep checking the website as we are constantly sourcing high quality memorabilia. 




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