🍹 Raffles Time 🌴


This weekend F1 has settled in Singapore, the Monaco of the Far East, a wonderful vibrant city mixing the old with the new, a lucky few will be staying at the iconic Raffles Hotel, no doubt enjoying a few Singapore Slings in the Long Bar.

The Marina Bay Circuit has produced some exciting moments, none more so than Benetton’s attempt to cheat by ordering Nelson Piquet Jr to crash into the wall in 2008 inΒ essence not the best of ideas as history proved.

This week we offer a Nelson Piquet Jr Bell Racing official marketing helmet supplied to Benetton for use in 2009, a rare item for a true F1 aficionado.

Here at MM we live with our title, Motosportmemorabilia.com, we are always interested in buying and selling items from across the motorsport spectrum as this week’s Newsletter shows.

Enjoy Sunday afternoon can Max be beaten this time out?

Auction costs too expensive? Why not let MM sell your items on a commission basis, personal service and advice always available!


Tim Scott


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