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French Flair, Italian Spark

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“French Flair,  Italian Spark”

“French Flair,  Italian Spark” is an original 20 x 20 inch original oil on board by fine artist Ben Payne depicting four times F1 World Champion Alain Prost at the Spa Francorchamps circuit in 1990 driving the Ferrari 640 at speed as he rises from the Raidillon kink over the unsighted brow to enter the long uphill Kemmel straight with sparks flying from the titanium skid block as the suspension is compressed.

Alain Prost brought the coveted number 1 to Ferrari in 1990 as reigning World Champion after his epic 1989 World Championship battle with Ayrton Senna. This era of F1 was typified by the Senna/ Prost bitter rivalry as well as the visceral soundtrack of the Ferrari V12 engine and the simple but beautiful designs of the cars that were often seen showering sparks at speed as captured in this study.

The season ended acrimoniously for Alain Prost as runner-up to Senna after the two drivers collided at the first corner of the final round in Suzuka, Japan.

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