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Ex Stirling Moss Cooper 500 MkIV T12 nose cone

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We are delighted to offer this genuine nose from the ex Moss Cooper 500 MkIV T12 which was Stirling’s first single seater race car in 1948.

This original hand produced alloy nose cone is a spare from the car that recently sold for c£350,000. It still bears the original Cooper badge and has race patina across the green and white paint finish.

It is offered with a hand signed photograph of Moss in 1948 with the car in original configuration as well as copies of Moss’ correspondence relating to the car racing at Brough in 1948 and a copy of a magazine article and authenticity letter relating to the history of the the chassis itself. This piece is one of the modified nose assemblies without a grille, fabricated by Charles Graham for the car, with a lower frontal area than the standard Cooper part.

This is an unrepeatable opportunity to acquire an original part from the first single seater raced by the late Sir Stirling Moss



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