Michael Schumacher’s F1 Debut on the 25th August 1991 at the Belgian GP


28 Years on from the Formula One debut of Michael Schumacher, here at Motorsport Memorabilia we offer some fine memorabilia and models celebrating Michael’s 7 World Championships.  

Our collection of 1/8 scale models for sale, which are becoming rarer every year, relates to every one of Michael’s World Championship years, produced by the fine model makes at Minichamps and Amalgam.  Within the collection is a 1/4 scale model of Michael’s F1 2000 championship car.  The current owner has loved these models for many years and is keen that they go to a new home as a group where they can be admired for many years to come.

Motorsport Memorabilia is delighted to offer this incredibly original and complete piece of F1 history from Michael Schumacher’s second world championship winning year in 1995. Consisting of the mainplane, wing end plates and wing flaps, the assembly bears full Mild Seven tobacco branding and each component is individually numbered. Showing signs of race use, It bears the red “kickers” logos unique to Michael (team mate Herbert’s were blue), Minichamps “RIPA” branding (used in Italy) and comes with fantastic provenance with a full COA from Benetton Formula Ltd signed by John Postlethwaite.

Race weekend Spa Francorchamps 1991 

Our image here shows Michael taking a keen interest in the Jordan 191 that he was racing that memorable weekend. His manager Willi Weber is pictured as usual by his side. The third person in the image shows our Motorsport Memorabilia Managing Director Tim Scott who was at that time the Assistant Team Manager at 7UP Jordan.

Happy Days!

Remember to come and visit us at our upcoming Champions Art and Memorabilia  exhibition in Guildford on the 12th and 13th September at the Oko Gallery.




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