💵Final Sale Reductions💵


As we head towards the end of our January sale on 21st, this week we showcase some great pieces covered in the event. 

For the Ferrari fan we have a superb replica of Felipe Massa’s 2010 helmet and a wonderful 1/18 special edition model of the 2008 constructors championship winning Ferrari F2008 on leather plinth direct from the collection of former Ferrari board member, Sir Christopher Gent.

Genuine McLaren F1 components are rare and highly desirable. We offer an original display mounted airbox intake, a mirror from the 1995 Harrods LeMans car and a carbon bonnet spar, each signed exclusively for MM by the genius that is Gordon Murray, as well as very rare press packs from the GTR period including a rare Gulf Racing edition. 

A genuine test used racesuit from Pedro de la Rosa’s time at Arrows and a race used pair of Nico Rosberg’s Williams gloves are also included. 

Finally, 2024 is the centenary year of the Spa 24 hour endurance race and we are delighted to offer the wonderful uk registration plate ‘H24 SPA’ that Dan be used on any post 1991 vehicle: Porsche not included! 

Many thanks,

Tim Scott


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