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This weekend F1 returns to the Herman Tilke designed magnificent Istanbul Park Circuit and promises to be another exciting battle headed up by the two main protagonists Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, who are separated by 2 points in this years Drivers World Championship.

Will they manage to keep apart, will it rain or indeed will Lewis take a new engine along with the penalties that brings? The imponderables are mouth-watering and a certain young Lando Norris may be looking to finally win a Grand Prix this weekend.

In 2006 I tuned into the GP2 race being held in Turkey and was completely spellbound by the progress through the field of an incredibly talented young driver, that being a very young Lewis Hamilton, the rest is history.

In 2010 Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber decided that their Red Bulls needed to get over-friendly, both drivers committed the cardinal sin of taking your teammate out and the chaos within the team that ensued.

An exceptionally exciting circuit that has been sadly missed over recent years, we look forward to Sunday, especially at the first corner.

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